Snow Peak | TAKIBI Skirt | Olive

£125.00 £250.00

Achieve a feminine look for camping scenes. A long skirt that is easy to wear.

The brand's signature "TAKIBI" series uses a blend of aramid fiber and organic cotton woven in Niigata Prefecture, where Snow Peak has its headquarters.
It has fabric characteristics specializing in camping scenes such as flame retardancy, durability, and water repellency, and the tear-resistant ripstop composition is characterized by a matte texture with no shine.
We have a rich lineup of items ranging from clothing to goods, and this season we have two colors available: black and olive. Available in a wide range of sizes to suit all body types.
This is a long skirt with a beautiful A-line silhouette. It is a type that is worn with a snug waist, making it easy to match with a variety of tops. Even with the longer length, the generous silhouette and slit at the back hem ensure mobility. The waist has adjustable spindles, but belt loops are also placed so that you can enjoy arranging it with a belt. To keep it from being too simple, we added piping to the side pockets and hammer loops on the left and right sides.

Transparency: None
Lining: None
Elasticity: None
Glossiness: None
Fabric thickness: normal