Snow Peak | Field Coffee Master



Made in Japan as part of the Field Coffee Series,the Field Coffee Master isSnow Peak's best solution for barista style,hand brew coffee at home or camp. Depending on your taste, you can brew coffee in two styles; percolator or paper drip. The dripper is a single hole style with a perfect extraction speed designed to be used separately to the main body. When brewing with a percolator, the clever dripper is placed back into the main body with a paper filter preventing the beans from mixing into the coffee, which is common with existing percolators, and makes a great cup.The kettle holds about 4 cups of coffee and the set is easy to carry and set up.

* For one cup, 190ml water and 10-15g of grounded coffee beans are recommended.

* Filter paper is not included. You need 101 Coffee filter paper cones.


Material Stainless Steel, Glass, Brass 
Weight 750 g
Dimensions 200 × 130 × 190(h)mm
Capacity 760 ml ( About 4 cups)
Made In Japan