Rock The Kasbah X Large Floor Lamp | Duo


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Iconic model of the brand since its beginnings, the Branch Floor Lamp is one of the first products launched by Rock The Kasbah. The originality of its palm fiber shade and the elegance of its olive wood base sure seduced you to enchant your interiors. The uniqueness of this wood makes each piece unique. Since its inception, the Floor Lamp Branche has not stopped inviting itself, Philippe Xerri designer of the brand does not refuse him anything, for your enjoyment. Whatever your choice of color, it will give character to your interior.

As olive wood branches are natural products, the shape of the foot varies from one model to another. Each piece is unique.


Lampshade: Palm fiber

Height: 190 cm

Lamp base: Olive wood

Electrification: Supplied with electrification Without Bulb