Courier Magazine | The Food + Drink Issue | Issue 46


Courier's April/May 2022 edition is our annual food and drink issue, shining a bright light on the new wave of tastemakers, brands and big trends packing a punch.

Our cover star is Yola Jimenez of YOLA Mezcal, who's using a family recipe to create a global drinks brand. Then, what soft drinks are about to go pop? From functionality and fermentation to unusual flavors, our experts predict the biggest beverage trends to look out for. We also look at the new recipe-publishing platforms with their sights set on democratizing the industry. And read about the farmers who, rather than depending on businesses up the supply chain, are going directly to the public.

In Workshop, learn how to start a food waste business, explore a chewing gum brand that built its own factory, meet the founder of a vegan vending machine, understand the growing power of product sampling, and check out a Berlin-based communal kitchen.

We then head to Cape Town to visit a general store at the heart of the community. In Brooklyn, the owner of dinner-party essentials store Big Night shares her tips on the art of hosting. The food scene in Glasgow is growing – we speak to the chef and owner of local Malaysian cafe Julie's Kopitiam. Then learn about the heritage fusion cuisines that are driving a third-culture culinary revolution. And, in the mountains of north-eastern Japan, we meet Hirotaka and Reina Meguro, who run an organic, low-intervention winery and vineyard that takes inspiration from Italy's slow-food culture.

Elsewhere in the issue: we take a small business tour of the Sydney neighborhood of Redfern, explore the economics of the nail salon industry, look at how a new boom in at-home health-check tools is changing the business of medicine, see what's new with the world's biggest toy company, LEGO, and profile the founder of Vuori, which might be the biggest activewear brand you've never heard of.