Courier Magazine | The Creative Business Issue | Issue 43


In this issue:

  • Monetize your creativity

  • Succeed in the creator economy 

  • Ride the NFT wave

  • Hire a dream team 

  • Grow a community

  • Launch a record label

...and more.

It’s time to turn your idea into something BIG. Our October/November issue provides a dose of inspiration for monetizing your creativity – and dishes out top advice from designers, artists and creative businesses around the world.

Starting a creative business doesn’t mean becoming a full-time spreadsheet fanatic – but it does mean working towards creating a company that makes sense for you. This issue is packed with tips, case studies and inspiration to get you where you need to be. 

Learn how to land on a pricing strategy and build a product portfolio, get a refresher on creative contracts and digital IP, practice self-promotion techniques for introverts, check out our step-by-step guide to financial literacy, and find out how content creators are using blockchain to cash in on (and protect) their creations. Plus, learn how to launch your own independent record label and community-based media company.

Also in this issue: we look at Crocs’ obsession with collaborations and dive into the metaverse with Trevor McFedries. Find out why brands, from luxury watches to at-home fitness, are flocking to streetwear’s hype-based model – and get 10 insights into how it works. Now that the pandemic has rallied a massive scale-up in investment in mental health, find out where the opportunities are. And big changes are coming to the grocery industry – but is ultra-fast delivery here to stay?

Plus: meet the husband-and-wife team that opened a plant shop in Vienna, the Brooklyn-based British-Nigerian entrepreneur who’s built an outdoor goods brand, and the Brussels bookshop owner who built his store in a former fashion boutique. And find out how the intricate craft of batik is being refreshed by a new generation and how local craftspeople on Canada’s tiny Fogo Island have built a globally respected design brand.