Courier Magazine | Aim High! | Issue 47


Courier's June/July 2022 edition is jam-packed with big opportunities, expert advice and inspiring stories from around the world to help you take your business to the next level.

While some food and drink businesses are betting big on the metaverse to help build their brands, we find out why it's not a great move for everyone just yet. Then, from cooling sprays and supplements to sexual wellness, brands are finally waking up to an age-old market with an under-served audience: people going through menopause. We also find out why mushrooms are on track to become the world's next superfood, and dig into how fashion brand PANGAIA balances purpose and sustainability with design.

In Workshop, we take a deep-dive into the furniture upcycling industry, explain what ‘building in public’ is (and how to do it), profile a supplement business that launched its own app, figure out how to set up your own resale channel, and unpack everything to do with decision fatigue for business owners with an endless to-do list.

In Life, we check out the businesses making the historic Puerto Rican neighborhood of Old San Juan thrive – from coffee shops to analog camera stores. Then, we're in Copenhagen to visit ‘flavor company’ Empirical, in London where the creator of incense brand Cremate shares some of his favorite places to hang out, in Bangalore to discover how one bookstore became a cultural phenomenon, and in Italy where the founders of Manualis Cartiera use ancient techniques to create paper from recycled fabric off-cuts.