Wolves Kill Sheep

The story of the wolf has many strange tales and myths dating back thousands of years. Stories of women and children dragged off by hungry packs of wolves, never to be seen again. Stories warning people of wolves in sheeps’ clothing, which back in the biblical days really meant to beware of false prophets. And don't forget the tale of the Three Little Pigs and the big bad wolf, where once again the wolf is portrayed as a conniving, dreadful beast.

Anyways, that doesn't have anything to do with Wolves Kill Sheep clothing line, not one bit. The name has a nice ring to it, and so it is. The real story behind the beast goes something like this …

Back in 2010 Wolves Kill Sheep set out to prove that high quality products can still be made in Downtown Los Angeles, with artwork showcased on their custom made T-Shirt blanks by hand picked artists. From quality fabrics to tailors and labels to trims, all of it, produced in Downtown Los Angeles.

They select artists whose creative style not only fit today’s market, but will also be just as relevant in the future.

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