Will Woody Be is a kids label founded by two French sisters, Mélanie Clémençon and Caroline Suarez who aim to encourage children by customizing their favorite items with playful appliqués. In the past, these have included skiers, woodcutters, skaters and many more cool professions which are used to inspire the next generation. As well as these cool motifs, Will Woody Be offers iconic and timeless children’s pieces such jackets, plain T-shirts and cardigans that can be customized with your favorite patches to inspire children to be as creative as possible.

Here we have a range influenced by an activist, encouraging kids to use creativity and stand up for their beliefs. There is a beanie hat, a collar for the neck, a pair of mittens and a cardigan to keep your little ones warm for the colder months ahead. The activist set uses “Go Vegan”, “Eco-friendly” and “Gluten-free” slogans across the range. Will Woody Be also provides a nice quirky touch on things as all their products come packed in fast-food like containers such as a burger box, a milkshake cup and a pizza slice box. 

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