Niwaki | Woolly Hat | Karachi Yellow


We passed a particularly good woolly hat bobbing down Ometesando on a chilly morning one day last year. A brief chase ensued, the bewildered owner accosted, embarrassment soon turning to enthusiasm as we ran through the hat’s merits. Not knitted on vintage looms in an obscure factory in Southern Japan (which we’d hoped.) Not (as far as anyone knew) worn by Japanese fisherman as they trawl the icy waters of the Sea of Okhotsk (as we’d imagined.) Not even bought in Japan. No - made in Guernsey, and pretty much perfect. So here it is, with one or two tweaks, and a slightly off-centre Niwaki hanko.

Knitted from 100% raw wool, like the famous jumpers, these hats are something to be reckoned with - they naturally repel rain (up to a point) and will keep you dry far longer than you’d expect.

The colours? A slightly speckled mouse-grey (銀鼠) evoking sea mists with notes of freshly poured cement, and a wicked karashi yellow (辛子) that wouldn’t be out of place at a 551 Horai Butaman stand.

Hand wash only, if you really have to.

  • 110g
  • Wool
  • Made in Guernsey
  • In Stock - Available to dispatch worldwide, contact us for showroom stock availability