Lookout and Wonderland

The Lookout & Wonderland fiber art project is a concentrated focus on the exploration of the applied arts.  The mission is to create a range of multi-use textiles that allow the viewer to become an active participant in the form and function of the artwork. With the ultimate goal being the creation of a life that is the ideal work of art.

In 2005, Niki Livingston opened Lookout & Wonderland studio as an inspiration center providing a nesting place for artistic collaboration, brand development, creative direction and the making of hand crafted goods. Lookout & Wonderland is deeply informed by the essence of the Wiener Werkstätte and the persistent aspiration to achieve a Gesamtkunstwerk. Working entirely in botanical dyes and natural fibers, she strives to connect a line from our collective sacred traditional methods of textile making to her deconstructed modern application.

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