Twisted Anchor | Salute Sisterhood Necklace


A letter to my sister.

Dear My beautiful sister

I wish you knew you as well as I do. I wish sometimes you would slow down and stop just for a second to take it all in and look at what you have achieved. You have brought two girls up by your self, you have taught them both how to be kind, loving and most of all Independent and too never rely on anyone. You are the most resilient woman I know I sometimes wonder how you bounce back after being knocked down time and time again. Your bravely paved the way for me and made sure I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. All I ever want to do it protect you from anything or anyone, who isn’t worthy of you or your time because it is precious and we don’t get it back.

Your favourite thing to say when things are going to shit

‘code it comes in threes’

so that’s why there are three coins and three charms in the middle. I think three is the magic number in your life, I just don’t think you have even realised it yet, you always say your unlucky not in my eyes your the luckiest person I know you are rich, rich in life and love. The two arrows because you have brought up two young girls, who will also be warriors just like mum taught us to be. The star for all the calls when I was on the other side of the world, telling me your looking at the brightest star you can see, to make sure I look up when it’s dark so I know your looking over me, I still always look for it now. The eyes because you have always watched over me now I will forever watch over you and my two nieces. Sister of mine one day you will realise all of your Achievements and never doubt your self again. I will always be there even if you don’t always want me to be, I will always have a shoulder for you to cry in when times are hard. Most of all I will always be in ore of just the woman you are and will continue to be. Strong, independent with the most beautiful loving soul. You are my sister and I am proud of who you are and have become.

salute sister hood is on a hammered trace chain measuring 17.5 inches with 6 charms, the whole necklace is made from silver then plated in high quality 24ct gold plate.

woman are the future.