Snow Peak | Stainless Vacuum Bottle MILK 500 | Sand or Red Clay


This double wall, vacuum insulated bottle allows you to keep your drink at the optimum temperature for longer. The unique shape of the bottle is based on classic Japanese milk bottle shape.

2021 new colour-ways available: Sand, Red Clay and Ash.

*Heat retention effect: 66 degrees (6 hours) ・ Cold retention effect: 8 degrees (6 hours) * Tested at 20 degrees outside air.

SKU TW-501-RC,  TW-501-SN, TW-501-AS

Bottle 210g , Lid 37g

200mm × φ74mm
Materials Bottle/Stainless Steel(Acrylic resin coating), Lid/Polypropylene,Rubber, Seal/Silicon rubber
Heat Insulation:74_ (approx 6 hours),Cool Insulation:8_( approx 6 hours)
500 ml