Snow Peak | Floga | Large

£169.00 £169.00

Floga improves the combustion process by pre-heating and altering the flow of the air in your fireplace. The result is a fire that is not only beautiful and mesmerising to watch, but has reduced amounts of smoke and campfire smells, making your Takibi centrepiece even more inviting to relax and gather around. The Floga comes complete with a convenient carry case and simply attaches around the top of the Pack and Carry Fireplace (L) (sold separately).

*The Floga cannot be used in conjunction with the Fireplace Grill Bridge (L) and Fireplace Grill (L) set up, and is not compatible with the pack & carry fireplace (M) and (S).
*Please do not use The Floga under Takibi Tarp Octa and Takibi Tarp Hexa (M).