Snow Peak Fireplace Starter Set - Medium


The solution to all your portable fireplace needs, this four-piece set will transform your camping trips and backyard gatherings. Designed and manufactured in Niigata, Japan, from durable stainless steel, the Pack & Carry Fireplace (M) folds flat for easy transportation and storage and integrates with a variety of cooking and grilling accessories. In addition, the set includes a handy canvas carry bag, a base plate for preventing heat damage to the ground, and the Fireplace coal bed, to help you slow cook your gourmet meals.

Material Fireplace: Stainless Steel, Base plate: Steel, Coal bed: Cast iron (clear paint), Canvas bag: Canvas #6 (Paraffin PU Coating), Acrylic Tape, Nylon Mesh, Plastic
Weight Fireplace: 3.5kg, Base plate: 1.3kg, Coal bed: 2.4kg, Canvas bag: 480g
Size Fireplace (M): 350×350×248mm, Base plate: 360×360×7mm, Coal bed (M): 250×250×20mm, Canvas Bag (M): 600×60×500(h)mm
Contents Include Fireplace (M), Base plate (M), Coal bed (M), Canvas carrying bag
Made In Japan