Sissel | Marlene Patchwork Denim Jacket


Marlene Patchwork Denim Jacket is a patchworked denim jacket with detachable belt. The jacket has a kimono shape with dropped shoulders and long fitted sleeves. The Jacket has side seam pockets and an option to tie at waist with the detachable belt. The jacket is fully lined with navy color cotton. Marlene Patchwork Denim Jacket is made from leftover denim fabrics in different blue washes. All the different denim leftover have been cut into small patches and are all stitched together in the most beautiful and unique patchwork patterns. Be aware that variations in color and pattern may occur since this patchwork jacket is made in different leftover denim colors.

This item is made in a leftover fabric. At SISSEL EDELBO we love to find new sustainable ways to make fashionable clothes. One way is to use leftover fabrics found at our supplier’s stockrooms, also called “deadstock fabrics.” As part of our values, we cherish the idea of using existing leftover fabrics instead of producing new materials. Our styles made in the leftover fabrics will always be ‘limited edition,’ due to the limited fabric amount that is left.