RoToTo | Park Stripe Crew Socks | Mid Gray


These wide ribbed, chunky Park Stripe Crew Socks are knitted with an old-style knitting machine, featuring a bold stripe pattern on the rugged nepped surface. The contrast between the pattern and the texture of the sock looks stylish, adding a colourful accent to any outfit.

ROTOTO’s socks are made in Japan’s largest sock producing region, Nara Prefecture. ROTOTO’s socks can be made only with a combination of the right material, the right machine and craftsmanship. Their aim is to preserve the tradition inherited from their ancestors, while painting the future of the major producer of socks with a fresh point of view.

  • 45% Acrylic, 24% Cotton, 12% Silk, 9% Wool, 9% Polyester, 1% Polyurethane
  • Origin : Japan