Ritual Studio | Brass Ring | Sweetgrass Braid


Sweetgrass Braid brass ring

For Unity, promises, the coming together of ideas and love lost and found .

Made after reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. This ring is about connecting with the old ways, weaving in three strands, the past, present and future.

Ritual Studio is a very small brand making one off brass and silver jewellery and sometimes adding leather. We make our pieces in our home studio amongst the rituals of daily life and children- and they are made to be worn as such. To adorn you in your daily rituals. The ancient method of lost wax casting is used which creates organic and bodily shapes. Being a yoga therapist for over 10 years has influenced Aquila Dunford Wood, working with the body and physical rituals of daily practice.She is  influenced by Roman and Viking relics as well as the old artefacts from the south west of England where she live with her three children. Each piece is made as a one off, with the marks of the maker and each has a spirit and life of its own.