hooroo by John Brodie | The Golden Rays | Curated Surf Culture


104 pages.
Revised 3rd Edition.
Printed on 100% recycled paper.
The Golden Rays 2021.

hooroo is John Brodie’s personal journal of West Australia, hitchhiking around the North West Cape living in a blue tent. Filled with poems, journal entries & film photos, all delivered with the help of book guru Jeff Canham.

John’s photographs are a visceral love letter to the blinding sun and relentless dust of the Australian desert. Compiled in hooroo and annotated with his emotive surrealist poetry, this body of photographs is riddled with nostalgia, camraderie, loneliness and the remote surfspots that are unique to West Oz.

Featuring contributions from Craig Allsop (Primitive Skills Magazine), Levi North & James Finn.